Detailed Character Information

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Detailed Character Information

Post by TetNak on Mon May 01, 2017 10:30 am

What types of characters are in this game?

There are several labels for characters, each is important to determine.

Primary PC - The primary PC for a player.
Secondary PC - The secondary PC for a player.
Special NPCs - NPCs created by the GM and not for player use.  These may include NPCs from different houses or lands.
Important NPCs - Important NPCs that can be played and used for NPC Actions with no penalty.
Unimportant NPCs - NPCs created through RP or other means, they can be played and used for NPC Actions with a penalty.  

How are these roles defined?

Primary and Secondary PCs are defined by the player.  Important NPCs are defined in House Creation based on the Wealth roll on leftover Wealth.  These NPCs are created by the players and GM.  Unimportant NPCs can be created any number of ways, either through House Creation, RP, or character backgrounds.

What happens when characters die?

A player must always have a Primary and Secondary character.  If a Primary or Secondary character dies a player must select from the house's list of Important NPCs.  Once an Important NPCs is promoted to a PC, an Unimportant NPC is promoted to an Important NPC.  If an Important NPC is killed, that Important NPC slot is lost.  An Unimportant NPC is not immediately promoted to an Important NPC.  For all characters that die, XP is lost upon the character's death.  No XP is transferred to another character.  

Can I ever increase the number of Important NPCs?

Yes.  Important NPCs can be gained through RP or House Fortunes.

Who can I play?

Players can play their Primary PC, Secondary PC, Important and Unimportant NPCs.  Players cannot play other player's Primary or Secondary PCs or Special NPCs.

How do I decide who to play during a session?

Players will notify the GM of their goal for the upcoming session, or, the GM will notify the players which PCs they should play based on what he has planned.  The GM must agree to what character a player will play.  He has the right to disqualify a character from a session based on numerous factors.

How do characters get XP?

Characters get XP, primarily, by being played in sessions.  Characters get XP differently based on some choices the players make.  If a player plays one of their PCs, the default is that their PC played gets full XP and their other PC gets 1/4 of the XP earned.  However, if a player plays an Important or Unimportant NPC, the NPC gets full XP, the player designates one of his characters to get 1/2 XP and the other 1/4 XP.

What happens to Primary and Secondary PCs of players that leave the game?

Primary and Secondary PCs of players that leave the game are automatically moved to Important NPC status unless another new player takes them.  When they are demoted, two Important NPCs are also demoted to Unimportant NPC status.

How do new players' characters work?

New players are given a Primary and Secondary PC.  This does not effect any other character type.  New players may take over old players' Primary and Secondary PCs.  Old Primary and Secondary PCs are demoted as noted above.

Can an Important NPCs ever be demoted without a player leaving?

Yes.  Events and House rolls may demote an Important NPC to an Unimportant NPC.  However, players may never demote or swap them by choice.

How are PCs better than Important NPCs and Important NPCs better than Unimportant NPCs?

Besides house rules for chargen, which is different for each type of NPC, no NPC may spend or burn a Destiny Point. NPCs may have Destiny Points in case they are promoted to PCs, but they may never spend or burn Destiny Points even if a player is playing them in a session.

NPCs always roll on the NPC table for the NPC Events monthly.


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