The Session, RP and In-Between

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The Session, RP and In-Between

Post by TetNak on Mon May 01, 2017 11:53 am

How is this game unlike other RPGs?

There is a very real possibility for PvP, both in combat, and intrigue. Your characters might be killed by other PCs or forced to do things they do not like by other PCs. The same is true for NPCs, both player controlled and GM controlled.

What are the sessions going to be like?

Some sessions will be fairly typical 'adventure' style RP. However, many sessions will be player driven, setting up the game for future plots. Many sessions will contain a recap of the results of House Actions, Character Actions and NPC Actions from the previous month.

What should I expect from the GM?

The GM will always try to offer advice on what you might RP about in your next session. If he has a specific session he wants to explore, he will make that known. The GM will attempt to guide you the best he can, but if players and characters do not show initiative, not much will happen. The GM is always here to help you and facilitate RP. The GM will /always/ be impartial and fair. He will do this best to follow the rules as best he can, particularly in a PvP scenario. Any objections should be brought up immediately as when the moment has past, there can be no going back.

What does the GM expect from the players?

The most important thing is communication. Make sure you ask your GM questions and tell him what you want to do. He will be better able to assist each House if he knows what they are trying to accomplish. He can help set up sessions that will give the characters the ability to fulfill these goals only if he knows what the goals are.

Making use of the Blades and Blasters forum and Discord is essential to this game's success. All players are required to register to this forum and participate as needed.

Do I need to play in every session?

No. Most sessions assume a gap of a month in between. There may be some that are more 'adventure' style and require all players that were involved in the last session, but that will not be the majority. It is assumed those characters are doing something else during the session. However, no XP is gained and no Character and NPC Actions can be initiated by players not in session.

The GM does expect players to play in as many sessions as they can, however, as it is important to keep your characters 'on the board', else you surely will give the advantage to others as time goes by.

Are our sessions recorded? What if they are private?

Your sessions will always be recorded, however, they may not be shared publically if the GM deems it might give away plans against other PCs. The sessions will be shared as the GM determines it will not have an effect on gameplay. Secrets and plots may be revealed if the GM does not believe they have a direct influence on gameplay.

When will we deal with House Fortunes, House Actions, Character and NPC Actions?

House Fortunes, House Actions, Character and NPC Actions will all be dealt with between sessions. The GM will require players communication in response to various things that might need to be decided. In the next session, the GM and players will have an overview of what happened and RP concerning the results.


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