The Shattered Kingdoms Helper Guide

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The Shattered Kingdoms Helper Guide

Post by TetNak on Mon May 15, 2017 3:55 pm

Shattered Kingdoms is built off years of RP and as such is complicated. This thread is to help assist new and old players in tracking down information they might want to read and to assist in RP.

This campaign has two methods of RP (currently). Those are Play-by-Post here on Fellowship of the Dice and live RP completed on Any player accepted into either side of the game is free to play in both methods of RP, but participation in both methods is not mandatory. Scenarios and plots occurring in both RP mediums will effect each other and considered canon for the campaign as a whole.

There are various ways in which information is shared about this campaign.

It is recommended that all players join the Facebook group and reference the wiki when possible. It is the GM's goal to move all information from the site to the wiki, but that is a daunting and slow task. There /is/ information on the wiki that does NOT exist on Fellowship of the Dice. This may increase as time goes forward.

Games in the Shattered Kingdoms campaign can be run from any point in ASOIAF history into the alternate future in year 318 AC. Some games will be lengthy campaign style games and others will be more of scenarios and shorter style plots. This goes for both Play-by-Post and


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