The Redmane Sand Steed

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The Redmane Sand Steed

Post by TetNak on Tue May 23, 2017 12:39 pm

The Redmane Sand Steed is a cross between a courser and sand steed. The horse can wear light barding but is not so hardy against the elements. It is still wise to unbard the horse in the deep desert.

Agility 4 (Quickness 1B), Athletics 4 (Jump 3B, Run 3B, Strength 1B), Awareness 3 (Notice 2B), Cunning 1, Endurance 4 (Resilience 1B Stamina 4B), Fighting 2, Will 4

Combat Defense 11, Health 12, Natural Armor AR 1, Movement: 10 Yards

May support up to Scale Barding

More Info on the Wiki


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