Character Generation

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Character Generation

Post by GM_Bo on Thu Jun 08, 2017 11:08 am

It's time for chargen!

Mechanics: Use OggDude's character generator. I'll let you know what the party size is so that you can set your obligation. Please use straight out-of-the-box chargen rules and then give yourself 50 earned XP on top of that. Again, to begin with, we are using Obligation. If you are Force Sensitive, you must use Morality as well (though you can't take a bonus for both)

Very Brief Summary of the Game off the Top of My Head:
We are starting small. You are the crew of a ship. Probably a cargo ship, smugglers, traders, or whatever... but you are, in general, small time. Time frame is between Episode III and IV. The Empire is nearly at peak power. Darth Vader is hunting (or has hunted down) any last remaining Jedi. That's about it. Pretty open ended to begin with. I'd like to see in what direction the PCs take the game. Will you be good? Bad? or swing both ways? Will you end up joining the Rebellion, Empire, or something else?



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Re: Character Generation

Post by Jaminos on Thu Jun 08, 2017 3:43 pm

Imperial security record #000170429837546319

Imperial Transit Authority Class: D Pilot License
Name: Tavish
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 25

A note by Imperial Security:
Tavish has a very long record of failing to pass imperial minimum drug screenings and safe allowances for alcohol. Somehow, his record has been approved for safe to fly by two imperial officers (Noted that they all happen to be female) and a female junior senator from Corellia. His piloting skills are notable in performance and have even managed to escape several pirate raids on long distance transports to the outer rim.

Some of his offenses that we know about:

Failure to respect an officer
Public intoxication
Possession of an unregistered firearm.
Possession of illegal spices and one low-grade Hutt tranquilizer known as "Slurms Delight"
Bootlegging alcohol to planets with strict "Dry" rules.
Four known records of assault.


Smuggling of several types of cargo including a load of purple skinned Twi'leks and several types of grade 3  restricted spices to an Imperial party that resulted in several arrests of officers enjoying they provided.

Suspected to be part of a team of individuals who dressed up as storm troopers whom then held a small heist that involved the theft of an estimate of 12000 credits worth of jewelry and art as well as the abduction of one "Commander Oshanna" whom later pardoned Tavish of all of his recent crimes. It is noted she had several spices detected in her system as well as a fair amount of DNA not her own.

Suspected of the murder of six Imperial storm troopers.

Considered in "Good Standing at the moment. However, the Empire is now watching him closely for any future disruptions.

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